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Firefox, Opera, and album ratings

In today’s post, I would like to summarize changes that were made to server in last week.

First, is now fully compatible with latest Firefox and Opera browsers. All layout problems that Firefox and Opera users experienced since the first day should be gone by now.

Some users also experienced problems with upload of album ratings. Instead of 2-5 stars, website displayed only one star. This bug is fixed, but to achieve correct rating display on the website, users will have to delete all albums from their accounts, then re-upload their collections. (To delete all albums from your account, click Settings, then click Delete account, and select option labeled Delete all my data, but keep the account. This option only deletes the uploaded albums, leaving other account information intact.)

Missing covers problem is without change today, but I hope that my next website update will fix it and will also allow upload of custom cover images.

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  1. All submitted bugs fixed, no problems with FF 2.0 so far. Thanks!

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