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Update complete

Database update is complete. As of this moment, all problems related to cover images should be resolved. (Except one relatively rare problem, see below.) To fix all covers in your collection, upgrade your client to OrangeCD Suite version 6.0.9 which was released few moments ago, then perform a synchronization. If everything goes as I expect, album cover images will re-appear on your pages.

And here is one remaining problem that I mentioned.

Due to bug in the old client, in some cases your albums may display an image that is different from what you see in local database. Typically, it displays a cover of another edition or reissue of the same album, and sometimes, the image has different brightness or hue. It can only happen to the albums or covers downloaded from Amazon in specific builds of OrangeCD Catalog. If it happens to some of your albums, there is a simple way to fix it. Re-download the image using Download CD Covers menu command, then perform a usual server synchronization, and the correct cover image will appear on server.

There is another, more radical way to fix all covers at once, but I prefer not to post it here because it will only work for short period of time. So, if you have many albums in your collection that you want to correct, contact me at and I will send you simple instructions.

One response to “Update complete”

  1. Displaying the CD covers works for my collection now. Thanks!

    BTW: It would nice to have a forward and backward button while browsing through the albums or artists. ATM you have to click the browser’s back button and then click on the next album or artist. That’s a somewhat tedious task.

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