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Server update complete

Server software update is complete, and here’s the list of changes that occurred last night.

  1. Classical albums display clickable composer link.
  2. Compilation albums display clickable links for artists and composers of each song.
  3. Privacy checkbox is supported. Albums that were marked “private” in OrangeCD Catalog are hidden from your collection website visitors. To see your private items on the website, you have to logon using your username and password.
  4. Artist web links are uploaded to the server and displayed on artist page below the list of albums.

Due to nature of some changes, your albums may display inconsistent track listings until you synchronize your local database with new server software. To refresh track listings, and to see web links on artist pages, you have to synchronize your database once using Tools – Upload to menu command in OrangeCD Catalog. 

And, speaking of synchronizing databases again, I would like to ask beta testers what are their opinions on current synchronization speed. Is it acceptable and tolerable on your Internet connection? Please comment.

19 responses to “Server update complete”

  1. 3 minutes to upload a collection of 1113 albums.
    This is very fast for my taste.

    Thanks a lot

  2. Andrei,
    On 2mB broadband, 1945 records took around 21 minutes. This included covers. It seems a tad slow, but I guess most syncs will simply be updates, so it’s OK for me every now and again!

  3. 21 minutes is long to my taste, even for the initial upload. I will look into making it a little faster… when more critical issues are fixed. But you’re right, incremental updates should be a breeze compared to this.

  4. Greetings Andrei,
    Made a new synchronization, just to time it! 1439 records! I have a “supposed” 2MB broadband connection! I’ve testet it with one of those net ‘speedometers’ twice (before and after). Result was an average of 700kbps down and 100kbps up !!! It took me 14:47 minutes to upgrade database. Facing reality doesn’t seem too bad!

  5. Just adding…
    700kbps is around 87,5 KBps and
    100kbps is around 12,5 KBps as you most certainly know !

  6. Just updated my site with the album covers. Entire process for 1174 Albums including the search for records to be uploaded took a little over 8 minutes. My DSL rating is 1576 KBps Down/ 246 KBps Up.

    Covers uploaded fine. Ranking info worked fine also. I will need to update my Database to include the ranking to update my entire site.

    Not too bad, the time is reasonable for the amount of data being uploaded.

  7. I’ve tried several times to upload my collection, with no avail. I have 3,141 records and it keeps on timing out on me after 20-30 minutes. I tried using v6.09 and the new v6.10 just now.


  8. Rick,

    I sent you e-mail with reg file that changes uploader setting to make it more tolerant to slow upload timeouts.

    If you know how to edit registry on Windows, you can change the setting yourself:


    This tweak fixed the timeout problem for other visitors, hopefully it will work for you as well.


  9. I didn’t get the email from you, but have tried to modify the registry. What type of registry entry is “UploadChunkSize”:

    String Value
    Binary Value
    DWORD Value
    Multi-String Value
    Expandable String Value

    I created it as a DWORD Value and entered the Data as “64”. Is that correct?

  10. Got 4941 albums and it took under 30 minutes. Which wasn’t an issue for me, just press upload and wait 8)….

    I did get a timeout issue once but I tried a few minutes later and it has worked no problem. Since then I have updated several times and never got a timeout issue.

    Thanks, for the great service i am really enjoying it! It sure reduces my sweat for making my own uploads site 8)



  11. Rick: yes, DWORD will work.


  12. I tried uploading two more times, and I’m still getting the message “507 Invalid or expired session ID” after 20+ minutes.

  13. I tried my initial upload this morning before work, I had to leave after 20 mins. My collection is about 7650 full albums with covers, I also live out in the sticks and have microwave ( no cable in the woods) I average between 100 to 300kps up and down. Mostly around 100. I guess what I’m asking is can I could be looking at an hour + for the first upload. Any suggestions ? Thanks

  14. Yahoo! My uploads are finally working.

    Thanks for Andre for sticking with my problem and getting me a test version of OrangeCD Catalog, which ultimately did the trick.

    I’ve been a registered user for over five years, and the software meets my needs and I like the continued development. The uploading is ultra-cool as I don’t have to pick a web site to host my CD Catalog.

    Thanks again Andre!


  15. Andrei,
    When I sign on I can’t get to any other peoples list, either I’m missing something or everyone has thier list as private. Is there a trick to viewing the public lists? Thanks

  16. […] I received a few user complaints in last two weeks regarding error 507. The error was especially frequent to users with large music collections and, in worst cases, prevented them from using the website. […]

  17. Upload very fast!
    This web is a great idea. Thanks!

  18. Andrei,
    6 min to upload 639 records, some with custom covers.

    All my half-star ratings are not displayed (1.5 as 2, 2.5 as 3…)
    ver 6.1.3 Build 11213.

    Thanks for the site.

  19. Abimael: thanks for report, I am aware of this problem. OrangeCD only started supporting half-star ratings recently, but still needs to be updated.

    Don’t worry – 1/2 star ratings that you uploaded to server are correct. It’s just a display issue – currently ratings are rounded down. You won’t need to re-upload or anything like that.

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