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The end of dreadful error 507

I received a few user complaints in past two weeks regarding error 507. The error was especially frequent to users with large music collections and, in worst cases, prevented them from using the website.

I have reasons to believe that the issue is resolved now with release of new OrangeCD 6.1.1. If you experienced any of the following symptoms, I recommend upgrading to version 6.1.1:

  • 507 Invalid or expired session ID;
  • Timeout error;
  • 506 Another synchronization session is currently in progress.

The most recent version of OrangeCD Suite can be downloaded here. If the symptoms persist even after the upgrade, please shout because right now I am not aware of any reoccurences of the problem!

Other than that, I am busy preparing new features for public appearance. As you may see on the start page banner, database passed 100,000 albums mark – of course these are not unique albums yet. Still, the number is big enough to allow me to draw conclusions about website demography and feature preference. (It is always hard to choose a feature to implement next, because so many possibilities exist. Knowing what users want helps a lot.)

2 responses to “The end of dreadful error 507”

  1. Hi.
    Having a search box would be great, and having the alphabet across the top would be a help to get to artists quickly, in list view you have to guess what page each letter starts in. Also in cloud view if you have a large collection like I have even picking the show 1000 still leaves alot out. Thanks hope this helps

  2. Hi

    I second Glen’s comments, Search Box, Alphabet across the top, and Cloud Picking would be my top picks.


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