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Artist search box

I have just added a search box for artists. It looks like a gray box on top of the artists view, but it’s really a search box where you can click, type the artist name, and press Enter to go directly to the list of the artist’s albums and links. It’s faster and more convenient than scanning a huge list of artists. It’s a regular search box.

Oh wait. That’s not a regular search box.


You can type first few letters of artist name in the search box, and in few moments, another box will appear underneath, displaying the list of possible artist matches. For example, if you typed ‘rad’, it will display Radiohead, Radio Massacre International, and all your artists with names starting from ‘rad’. All you have to do is select one match (either by pressing Up and Down keys on keyboard or using your mouse) and hit Enter. You can see a working example here.

Stay tuned for more cool features this coming weekend.

10 responses to “Artist search box”

  1. Great search box just what the docter ordered!! One other question, are all the others lists private? Is there a way to browse other people lists. It would be a nice feature to be able to browse the public lists, be able to send comments or ask questions etcNow there is no way to tell how many lists are loaded, how extensive they are or to communicate with anyone It could be an option under settings, Now you have a choice but only if you give your address to someone. Just a thought I think it great so far glen.

  2. Excellent, so far. But at least two important features are missing:

    #1 Most important: Ability to sort artists by last name. (C’mon! … what serious music collector do you know that sorts artists by first name???)

    #2 Ability to display most recently added albums.

    Add these two features, and this will be a great service. Search box is excellent. Keep up the good work!

  3. OK, I hereby humbly retract point #2 above. Actually, the ability to display albums sorted by most recently added is already present. But it is obscured because it is not active by default. To enable it, one must click on “columns” at the bottom of the page, and check the “Added” box. An “Added” column is now added to the album page, allowing one to sort albums by date added.

    My suggestion: Please add this column by default.

    #1 is still a concern. Could we please have a way to sort artists by last name?

  4. Re #1: Yes, it’s in the development plan. Thanks for suggestion.


  5. Hi Andrei,

    Thank you so much for the prompt response. It’s good to know someone is actually reading this board.

    However, I must retract my humble retraction of point #2! I thought this issue was resolved, but it absolutely positively is NOT resolved!

    True, I am able to customize my columns so as to be able to sort albums by date added, and thus view albums by most recently added. That’s good. But it turns out that when I send my catalog link to others, they cannot do the same … unless, they already have their own mygenres account.

    Seems to me there is a bit of ambiguity as to the nature of mygenres. Is this site designed to enable me to share my OCD collection with the pubic? … or only within the mygenres community?

    If the intent is to share catalogs only within the community, fine. That much is accomplished.

    But if the intent is to enable me to make my catalog accessable to non-OCD users, then it seems totally incongrous to restrict non-members from customizing their view in such a way as to view my albums by most-recently-added.

    Please either:

    #1 Allow me to determine how my catalog will be viewed by visitors … which columns will displayed, and in what sort order

    … or

    #2 Allow visitors who to set these options without having to open their own account.

  6. Ability to customize columns is limited to logged in users for performance reasons. But I plan to add additional customization setting which would allow you to define which columns to display to anonymous users.

  7. Excellent. That is all I ask. Thank you, Andrei!

  8. I know this is old, but it’s an issue that I see now and the newest blog post that I think is relevant enough.

    What makes the start of a band so special? Why do I have to type “the” in order to find any band whose name starts with “The”?

  9. Hi Chris,

    Search box currently serves as a lookup box, so it does not actually search, but look up names based on first letters of your input. This is temporary, I am working on a real search here, it should be ready in couple of weeks.


  10. Sounds good to me. I’ll be waiting for it.

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