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Archive for April, 2008

We’ve got new name and new design

Today we switched the website to new, cooler design. As if it was not enough trouble, we decided to change the name as well. We believe the new name is easier to remember and it better represents the purpose of the website – catalog all your music, regardless of the media it’s on, and even regardless of how thick is the layer of dust on it (in case you haven’t listen to some albums for months.)

So, welcome to Racks and Tags.

Besides the name and design change, there’s a number of smaller changes here and there:

  • There are new user profile fields – feel free to add info about yourself. It’s entirely optional of course.
  • Now you can actually upload your photo or avatar, and it will be displayed on your collection page.
  • Front page has got a recent updates display. Whenever you add something new to your collection, link to it pops up on the front page for other folks to see.
  • Album pages display photos of users who own, rated, or play that album.
  • Now you can search artists in your collection from any page, not just the artists page.
  • User collection pages display recently added/rated/played album covers and ratings. Pretty neat.
  • Friends page has also changed – instead of viewing friend updates one by one, you can see them all together, in one combined feed.

That’s all for today. Don’t forget to update your bookmarks, and have a great weekend.

Website update tonight

In preparation for big update the website is being shut down. I expect the downtime will be between 2-6 hours.