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We’ve got new name and new design

Today we switched the website to new, cooler design. As if it was not enough trouble, we decided to change the name as well. We believe the new name is easier to remember and it better represents the purpose of the website – catalog all your music, regardless of the media it’s on, and even regardless of how thick is the layer of dust on it (in case you haven’t listen to some albums for months.)

So, welcome to Racks and Tags.

Besides the name and design change, there’s a number of smaller changes here and there:

  • There are new user profile fields – feel free to add info about yourself. It’s entirely optional of course.
  • Now you can actually upload your photo or avatar, and it will be displayed on your collection page.
  • Front page has got a recent updates display. Whenever you add something new to your collection, link to it pops up on the front page for other folks to see.
  • Album pages display photos of users who own, rated, or play that album.
  • Now you can search artists in your collection from any page, not just the artists page.
  • User collection pages display recently added/rated/played album covers and ratings. Pretty neat.
  • Friends page has also changed – instead of viewing friend updates one by one, you can see them all together, in one combined feed.

That’s all for today. Don’t forget to update your bookmarks, and have a great weekend.

12 responses to “We’ve got new name and new design”

  1. Update looks great, Andrei! Name takes some time to get used to…

  2. when you click on an Album,the cover is on top of the info.Can anything be done about this ?
    Racks and Tags, Hmm, bit of a mouth full.

  3. Hi Dave – I’d love to, can you give a link to the album that has this problem?

  4. Hi, again, the album covers are over the info. on all of my entries as far as i can see,and the same problem occurs when viewing other members sites. e.g.

  5. Holy cow, this looks awesome. The smooth look & feel is great, & I haven’t even logged in yet!

  6. Hello!
    I won’t comment about the new designs (oK, sounds me great!). I won´t comment either that a program that could catalogue and organize my huge private “music store” (Orange CD).

    And now, a site that I can show everyone (mainly my friends, to envy it!!!).

    But I hope, that I may contribute with some suggestions (may I?)
    It is possible to show on the profile of the band:
    – Name of Country (the old version of My Genres had it)
    – Label record Company
    – The lyrics
    – To put first the Name of the song )after the composer, as it showed in AMG, for exemple).
    – To hyperlink the name of the song with other occurrences in my own collection
    – The credits (the tab from OrangeCD)
    – The line –up / musicians (with hiperlinks – same as my suggestion to the songs)
    – The recording informations (the tab from OrangeCD).

    I know it´s a huge and boring mastodontic work. And you have my humble thankfulness.

    I think (and I may be wrong) it´s only a contribution from a music lover. And I think other music lovers will l like.

    I wish you my best regards…


  7. I’ve been looking for a site on which I could:

    A) catalog my music collection online
    B) mark albums as “recently played”
    C) grab an RSS feed of “my recently played” albums

    Essentially, I’ve been looking for a music equivalent of Netflix (movies) and Goodreads (books).

    I’m a longtime fan of Orange CD player, so I went to to see if they had anything in the works (or anything suggestions), and lo and behold, here I am.

    It *seems* like Racks and Tags will be able to provide all three of the above items, except for one thing: I cannot find how to mark an album as “recently played”. Am I just missing something? I can’t seem to rate albums either, but that’s a little less important to me.

    So, is this a “in the works” feature or am I just dense?

    On a side note, as a user-interface designer and web developer, I really like the clean look and feel of the site. It comes off as very new, but promising.

    If I can offer one little bit of constructive criticism, though, it would be that “Racks and Tags” is anything but easy to remember. By itself, the name does not conjure up any ideas of music or musical connections. It doesn’t roll off the tongue and it’s not easy to remember or even easy to say. I think you guys can do better.


    ~ Botch

  8. Botch,

    If you play CD in OrangeCD Player, then publish your data on R&T, the CDs will come up as recently played. Similarly if you start playing MP3 albums from OrangeCD Catalog interface, they will also be in recently played section.

    And, think of the website as the place where you can manage both CD racks and MP3 tags – or at least it’s the goal 🙂

    A lot of features are actually in the works, but I think you get the idea behind the website. Please stay tuned for more features.


  9. Andrei –

    Thanks for the reply! But let me see if I have this straight…

    To mark an album as “played”, my *only* option is to first play it in OrangeCD Player, then proactively publish my data through OrangeCD Catalog? Why can’t I just mark an album as “played” through the website? (And rate tracks on the site, for that matter?)

    Is only intended as an online extension of OrangeCD Player & Catalog? Because while I really enjoy OrangeCD Player, I have no interest in the Catalog software. I’m interested in a site that can function independently, where I can add albums, rate them, mark them as recently played, and offer RSS feeds of all this info to my friends.

    What is the eventual goal for the site, both independently and in conjunction with OrangeCD?

    ~ Botch

  10. Botch,

    Website will operate independently. Current hard link between website and OrangeCD Catalog is only temporary. It was by all means NOT intended to be OrangeCD extension only!


  11. could you please adding a bitrate’s information for tracks?

  12. Hello!

    I wrote you on May, 1st, but unfortunatelly I haven’t get an answer yet.

    I have another questions and suggestion, but if my interventions will be upset you, I prefer don’t annoy you.

    That´s all folks!


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