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Archive for February, 2009

Survey! How many of you have own websites?

We certainly have some critical mass of people using Racks and Tags already. Things are looking pretty well, so we consider adding some integration features that will allow you to embed Racks and Tags updates in your website.

This very informal survey will make some decisions easier for us, so please take a minute to respond. You can reply either in comments or in this forum thread:

1) Do you have your own website? (yes/no)

2) Would you be interested in embedding some of the information in your Racks and Tags database in your website, and what kind of information:

– your top artists
– recently purchased albums
– recently played albums
– new album ratings
– multiple choices/all of the above?

3) What method of embedding would you prefer:

– WordPress widget
– generic JavaScript widget
– image
– swf
– something else (json, xml)?

4) any other comments/suggestions?