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Beta 1.0

Main website at is opened for beta testing as of this morning. This is a first real milestone for this project, and I feel very optimistic about its future. If you have not tried the new service yet, you can start by downloading a special build of OrangeCD Suite from this link. In the Tools menu, there is a new command titled “Upload to” which does exactly what it says: uploads your collection data to the server. Then you can login to the website and view catalogs of your artists, albums and songs using a web browser.

There are few caveats that you should know about. First, only IE is supported at this time. Firefox, Opera and Safari browsers will be supported by the end of this week, and I hope this temporary inconvenience will not divert people who originally intended to test the website.

Second, there is a tricky issue with upload of artwork images. Current version of the website supports only artwork images linked from Amazon website. Custom images are not supported.

In plain English, if you added album artwork images by automatic cover download in OrangeCD Catalog or Player, they should be displayed properly on the website. Otherwise, it is no go and all you will see is empty gray box. The main reason for not supporting custom images is tremendous amount of disk space they require, and the fact that they are unique for each user and cannot be shared. Next releases of the website may support scaled down versions of custom images, but there is no guarantee of that.

(Thanks Malc, Bob and Martin for first bug reports. Your help is greatly appreciated.)